Disclaimer / Terms of Use

When using the 'Baby Language' app you are obligated to honor the following subjects:

  1. You are sole responsible for the health of the baby.
  2. Do not use the 'Baby Language' app as a strict guideline. If you have slightest doubt concerning your baby’s health you should contact your doctor, the 'Baby Language' app is not intended for health treatments. Practices shown in the 'Baby Language' app are commonly used practices, we are not accountable for any consequences that your actions could have in any kind of way when using these practices. Don’t use the 'Baby Language' app if you have the slightest doubt about whatsoever in the 'Baby Language' app.
  3. This app can collect his own diagnostics data and send it back to us anonymously. We use this diagnostics data to improve the app functionality and solve possible issues. This data could contain but is not limited to; page navigations, error messages and recognition results.
  4. Despite all the care we spend on making translations from the original English texts, it can occur that translations contain inaccuracies or ended up in different context compared to the original English texts. We are not liable for inaccuracies or incorrect contexts for the texts in the 'Baby Language' app.
  5. By using the 'Baby Language' app, you are responsible to tell and clarify these ’Terms of Use’ to anyone who wants to use the 'Baby Language' app on your device.

Keep in mind that your Baby is your responsibility!

Use the 'Baby Language' app with common sense.